Les Promenade du Parovic


Gueberschwihr : The Grand Cru Goldert walk

On the Grand Cru Goldert walk there is a series of specific information panels on the biodiversity of the hills and piedmont wine growing. On this discovery walk, you will first find yourself in alleys that are typical of the medieval richness of Gueberschwihr.

Little by little, walking along the outskirts of the forest, you arrive at the vineyard. On arriving at the viewpoint indicator, the landscape really opens out, inviting contemplation. There is an extensive view of the plain, straight away inviting you to gaze into the distance, especially to Kaiserstuhl and the Black Forest.



Start: Place de la Mairie at Gueberschwihr

Distance : 4 km
Duration : 2 hours
Elevation gain : 121 m


Download: gueberschwihr-promenade-du-gran-cru-goldert.gpx

Download: gueberschwihr-promenade-du-gran-cru-goldert.kml