Les Promenade du Parovic


Low mystical walk

Two possibilities exist for this walk along the cliffs of Gueberschwihr, formerly exploited for their pink stoneware.

They offer remarkable points of view on the vineyard and the plain.


Start: Office de tourisme at Eguisheim or Place de la Mairie at Westhalten or Place de la Mairie at Rouffach


You can do partial circuits and take short cuts via linking trails and from villages lying below the circuit.



To Rouffach
(distance: 19,2 km)



Télécharger : promenade-mystique-rouffach-par-les-falaises.gpx

Télécharger : promenade-mystique-rouffach-par-les-falaises.kml


To Westhalten
(distance: 18 km)



Download: promenade-mystique-westhalten-par-les-falaises.gpx

Download: promenade-mystique-westhalten-par-les-falaises.kml